Founder Tara Oldridge never quite knows how to explain the life transformations that take place at Lighthouse Leadership Academy. They are too all-encompassing and pivotal to sum up in a few moments.

“It’s a 100% transformation of your entire life. There are many things that hold us hostage to our ultimately our fear. Through the process Lighthouse offers, we give students the experience of opening their hearts and minds to free them from their past, their limiting beliefs and the lies  fear is telling them.” stated Oldridge. “Lighthouse utterly frees you from the grips that life can have on you: the shame, the limiting beliefs, broken marriages, and even the belief that your life is too perfect to risk changing. The truth is, you must experience it to understand it.” 

Through the Academy, Oldridge has crafted a transformational ecosystem designed to radically change lives forever. It’s based on teachings that would be considered New-Age today that were popular in the 70s but have now been re-built through the new Vision founder, Tara Oldridge has re-formatted, extended and improved by the addition of God to the lessons. 

Who does Lighthouse Serve?

The Academy offers virtual and in person training, and adults, 18+  can enroll to have their life changed for the better through its teachings. 

“We’re not catering to anyone specifically. We guide anyone who ultimately wants to access the highest and best version of themselves.They may feel they have hit rock bottom or feel stuck and overwhelmed,” Oldridge said. “But we also empower people who are driven and ambitious entrepreneurs knowing they are meant for more. We help people see what their path should be and how to get there.” 

Among the many people helped by the trainings are survivors of human trafficking, victims of abuse, to single parents struggling, shame, anxiety and deep sadness. The Academy has also improved the lives of celebrities, pro-athletes, CEOs, and Politicians. What they all come away with is that they are children of God who are worthy of healing, love, to live empowered, generous lives ultimately creating freedom for joy so they can live out the calling and purpose God has put on their lives.  

Reviews for the teachings have been stellar. They have included: “I’ve gotten over my limiting beliefs. I had a huge breakthrough in not trusting myself and not trusting others”, “This has restored and renewed my life in a beautiful way”, and “This training saved my marriage”.

Training at Lighthouse is done in three levels, each with its own graduation ceremony.

Transformational Results

Like the testimonials shared above, Oldridge said of the teachings, “Lighthouse is a moment-by-moment, polarizing, shocking, experiential, safe, loving, powerful, intense, spiritual rollercoaster that glorifies God.”

The messages shared work to fully integrate the original teachings from nearly half a century ago with biblical teachings. When creating the teachings, she went right to the source — the Bible — to find, incorporate, and share God’s love through the framework of an already profound set of lessons. 

“There is no other work out there like it, and while a version of it has been around since the 70s, our welcoming and glorification of God makes the biggest difference. There’s no other training center doing what we are, and I figured out why: It’s BOLD,” she said. “In other training rooms, it is safe to use the word ‘Universe’ and skip over the place where these training sessions originated from, the Bible! Here, at the Lighthouse, we speak the truth.” 

Oldridge is ready to teach for those willing to commit to a fully transformational experience — something like the human equivalent of a caterpillar emerging as a butterfly. 

About Tara Oldridge

Tara Oldridge, founder of the Lighthouse Leadership Academy, is a transformational coach and visionary whose mission is to help people recognize their truth and answer their God-given calling to make a massive impact on the world by organizing and facilitating these alongside world leaders in the leadership space. these trainings,. She is an international speaker and also the creator of Vision to Business, a 2-day workshop for women to build an impactful business they love, and host of The Smart Woman Show podcast. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Learn more about the Lighthouse Leadership Academy here: